Top 3 paint colours to match your Teal sofa

Top 3 paint colours to match your Teal sofa

By Elena Koycheva on

Teal is one of the hottest colours out there right now, both when it comes to paint colours and furniture/home decor items. It’s a timeless shade that, when paired with the right complementary colours, can easily become the star of your home and get you hundreds of compliments from your friends and family members.

But… what are the right complementary colours that go well together with teal? Well, let us answer your question and solve that decorating dilemma you’ve been facing for ages.

Depending on the undertone, the fabric, or the lighting in your space, as well as the surrounding colours, teal can look differently in different rooms or corners. It can be warm, with a hint of yellow, or colder, with a blue tone that will add even more drama to its royal look. 

If you, like us, get a bit overwhelmed by the ‘undertone talk’, we’re going to make it super simple for you and suggest three YesColours paint colour choices that you simply can’t go wrong with.


1. Joyful Neutral.


Door painted in white with a dark door handle, photographed next to a wall painted in a neutral paint colour with a hint of grey

Our Joyful Neutral paint colours embodies the appearance of a pale creamy grey with a small hint of yellow and green. Would you call it a greige?


We’re going to quickly ‘circle back’ to the undertone talk here but we promise we’ll be done in seconds. Our Joyful Neutral paint colour has a slightly grey undertone to it, which, luckily, works well with both warmer and colder shades. Some may think our Joyful Neutral paint is a "greige", so feel free to do that too, if that would help you visualise it on your walls better.

This paint colour is perfect for all neutral lovers and fans of minimalistic Scandinavian design and the popular Japandi style but in this case, it will act as a neutral backdrop to your teal sofa, without being too harsh. Just apply two coats to your walls and enjoy the view.


2. Serene Blue.


Dark grey bed with white and grey bedding, posed next to a bedside table with green plants and books on top, photographed in front of a light blue paint background

Our Serene Blue paint colour would create a peaceful atmosphere that will not only help you relax, but will also inspire you and bring a healthy dose of dreaminess into your life.


Our Serene Blue paint colour is pale grey blue; gracious and peaceful so it lives up to its namesake. This paint is a wonderful neutral choice, it's versatile, easy on the eyes and suitable for use in large quantities across a whole room. Combined with the teal colour of your sofa, this pale blue shade would look absolutely stunning, as it will create a tonal and harmonious palette with two hues that perfectly complement each other.

There’s a common misconception that blues and greens don’t go well together. Well, if that was true, we wouldn’t have had the colour teal in the first place, right? Don’t be afraid to combine a teal sofa with a light blue paint shade as in this case, the blue won’t be overbearing but instead will give a little bit of interest behind the sofa. Win-win!

2. Serene Pink.


Grey cat photographed in front of a pale pink wall with darker pink painted panelling and a picture hanging above it

Jen from @halfpaintedhouse has done wonders with our Serene Pink paint, and we love the look of her bedroom panelling... okay, obviously her cat too!


Now, to be honest, you can’t go wrong with any of the paint colours from our Serene Collection. The YesColours Serene Collection is the perfect choice if you’d like to complement the more vibrant hues in your interior palette, but instead of a white, you could use a Serene colour to balance out the room on woodwork, ceilings or walls.

As we’ve promised you three paint colour suggestions to match your teal sofa, we will finish the list with just one colour. And that is our Serene Pink paint.

Our Serene Pink paint colour is a nurturing, restful and softer pink that has found its rightful place within our Serene Collection. But don't let it fool you - this pink is pretty but also powerful. It's a grown up nude and a wonderful neutral for the colour lovers out there. 

We’re huge fans of the teal + pink colour combo, so, naturally, we’re also huge fans of the idea of painting your living room with a coat of this pale pink shade and letting your teal sofa be the centre of attention… as it should be! 

We hope you’ve found ‘the one’ (or maybe two? three?) paint colour to match your teal sofa, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll create with our paints. And if you still need some help, feel free to book a colour consultation with us and we’ll sort your colour puzzle in no time. Free option is available too!

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