Top 3 paint colours for an inspiring playroom

Top 3 paint colours for an inspiring playroom

By Elena Koycheva on

Nurseries, children’s rooms, playrooms, even a zoning area in the living room that’s dedicated just for the kids, have been gaining more and more popularity amongst the home decorating community in the last few years. And this is totally understandable.

Colour has a tremendous impact on our mood, mental health and wellbeing. It could contribute to a relaxing environment, or encourage playfulness and creativity, depending on how you style your space. And the rooms or special dedicated areas that are dedicated to our children are by no means any different. 

A lot of parents want their children to develop their personality, hobbies and interests from a very young age, and creating a space where the kid could feel safe and comfortable is crucial for this. Throughout the years we’ve witnessed many home decor trends when it comes to nurseries or children’s rooms, and they seem to be constantly changing as our values and perceptions change too. From Barbie-inspired all-pink girls rooms, through all-blue spaces for the boys, to the (still) popular yellow paint colour that defines many gender-neutral baby rooms, we’ve seen a lot of patterns and DIY styling in the home decor community. And, of course, we love it.

But how do we actually make a playroom look and feel… playful? Keep reading to find out.


female hand holding a selection of paint colour chips against a yellow wall in a nursery room with a painted rainbow on it Choosing the right paint colour for an inspiring playroom is not always easy but we're here to help you choose the one. Photo by @karenanita on Instagram.


An interesting fact that not many people know is that babies can actually only see black and white colours, alongside some shades of grey. Of course, newborns arrive to the world with a full capacity to see and recognise different colours, but it takes a while until their senses develop properly and allow them to experience the glorious magic of colour. This is usually around or after four months. The first primary colour babies can recognise is red because it reminds them of the womb. Red is then followed by blue then all the rest.


Enough trivia now. Let’s explore our colour recommendations for an inspiring playroom.


1. Friendly Green.


Our Friendly Green paint colour represents new growth, youthfulness, a love of nature, family, friends and your home. This is a bold pastel lime green or pea green to others, a rather spontaneous shade of green that we absolutely adore.

Friendly Green is the perfect choice for a playroom as it’s joyful, uplifting and rejuvenating hue that would ensure the constant presence of positive emotions, big smiles and sincere laughter.

dining room with a colourful wallpaper and an accent wall with a house-like shape painted in YesColours Friendly Green paint
We love this dining space-slash-playroom accent wall in Friendly Green created by Sadie and Kit from @raisingsmallreaders.


2. Electric Orange.


Our Electric Orange paint colour is truly a tangerine dream and the most vibrant shade of orange we have in the YesColours palette. It's the most sociable, enthusiastic colour and it doesn't disappoint. This feelgood shade boosts energy as well as encouraging feelings of positivity and fun, which are essential for a playroom as this would be the space to... well, play.

Time for get those creative juices flowing and inject a fresh energy boost into your space. And yes, we've called this paint colour 'Electric' for a reason.


A pale white hand with an orange dress sleeve photographed posing in front of a bright orange-painted bathroom wall with black hangers above it

Becca @beccaaaacollier and her Vitamin C-saturated Electric Orange bathroom showing the full glory of this bright YesColours paint colour. Notice how her outfit is coordinated with her interior too. Truly a tangerine dream!


3. Passionate Warm White


As the name suggests, our Passionate Warm White colour is a warm neutral, perfect for North-facing rooms but also a great way to balance bold, bright colours. This would give you the opportunity to inject vibrant shades to the accents in the room - rugs, tapestry, colourful furniture without making the playroom overwhelming.


a pale yellow natural coloured woven basket photographed in front of a white painted wall

The YesColours Passionate Warm White paint colour is the best match for lovers of minimalism, tranquility, oat milk lattes (or, in this case - oat milk hot chocolate) and great-smelling vintage books. Just imagine a setting like this. Pure bliss.


Before you start decorating your children's space, we've prepared a check list with three useful tips that would come in handy not only in the playroom makeover process, but also when it comes to giving your kids the perfect space that they would actually want to be in.


    1. If you're decorating a nursery or a space for a newborn, keep in mind that babies don't fully recognise colour until they're a couple months old. They do, however, recognise bold shapes and patterns, so a good selection of posters, illustration books, tapestry or art prints in highly saturated, contrasting colours presented in different geometric shapes would be your best approach here.
    2. Make sure to choose paint that is water-based, has 0% added VOCs and 0% microplastics and, most importantly, is APE and NPE free (the YesColours paint matches all these requirements and is completely child- and pet-safe). Some paints contain surfactants known as APE’s (alkylphenol ethoxylates) and NPE’s (nonlyphenol ethoxylates) that are harmful to us (especially babies!), the environment, and the aquatic life. We’ve completely removed these from our paints but even in the case of choosing another paint brand, this is an important thing to look at.
    3. This one here is an obvious tip but it's sometimes neglected by parents. When it comes to playrooms, children's rooms, or simply zoning areas where your children could relax or play in, remember that you're decorating this space for them. Ask the little ones about their favourite colours, what shades make them feel good, what patterns or shapes they like. Why not involve them in the painting and decorating process too? This would be a great way to create a strong bond and make this space even more theirs, as they would have taken an active part in decorating it.


We hope these home decor tips have inspired you to find the right paint colour for your little one's playroom. And hey, if you still need some help, feel free to book a colour consultation with us and we’ll sort your colour puzzle in no time. Free option is available too!

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