The DIY Decorator's Horoscope For 2023

The DIY Decorator's Horoscope For 2023

By Elena Koycheva on

We've welcomed 2023 with hope, desire to be more present and an unquenchable thirst for a much-needed adventure.

The past two years have been extremely tough for all of us, and right now, we're all looking at the stars for a little hint for what this year has in the bag for us.

Whether we're hoping for a new love, a promotion, a trip to Morocco, or simply for a freshly decorated (without too much trouble, of course!) living room, astrology is always a good place to start, and we're here to serve you with a 2023 horoscope like no other.

Now, without further ado, let's have a look at what this year will bring to the DIY and home decor folks, based on their zodiac sign. We present to you our DIY Decorator's Horoscope for 2023. Make a wish.




aries star sign graphic


Dear Aries decorator, 2023 will be one of the most important years for you. You may feel that you've been hiding a big part of yourself from the world, and this has to do with experiences in your past that made you close yourself in your little shell called 'comfort zone'. Well, not anymore.

This year you're about to flourish, and you're going to do it with a bang. You've been wanting to experiment and go bold for a long time now, and suppressing these desires have made your imagination even more colourful.

In 2023, you'll rediscover your true self and you'll find the long-awaited courage to decorate your home the way YOU want. You'll indulge in this completely and will make your personality shine through astonishing and quirky designs and bold and bright colours that will scream, 'I have finally arrived!'.




taurus star sign graphic on a fresh lilac background 


Dear Taurus, this year is all about your creative skills so don't shy away from the paint brush, roller or anything crafty that brings you joy.

2023 is a year for personal growth for you, and you'll find yourself wanting to explore more, learn new tricks and techniques, improve your decorating skills and become better at everything you touch. And that is not all.

This year, you'll also find yourself looking around you and feeling the need to help people by either giving an honest advice, passing your knowledge, or simply be a better friend and human. Trust us - this won't go unnoticed.




Gemini star sign graphic design on a Fresh Lilac background


Dear Gemini, 2023 will bring the power of community straight to your doorstep.

It's no secret (and no surprise, too!) that your sign is one of the most popular ones in the zodiac. You're incredibly social, charming and easy going, which often means you're the centre of attention and the heart of every social gathering. But this year, you'll find yourself looking for a deeper connection.

You're lucky to have already made friends and acquaintances on social media, so it's time to take these relationships to the next level and turn them into something even more meaningful. Don't be afraid to get personal and show people who you truly are. Share your knowledge, shout about your little DIY hacks that you might think no one cares about, let your opinion be heard and don't be afraid to fully embrace the things you like.

And yes, if that means adding a leopard print wallpaper to the bedroom or a hot pink accent wall in the kitchen, then your partner will be totally fine with it. Pinky promise.




Cancer star sign graphic design on a Fresh Lilac background


Dear Cancer, this year will bring a much-needed balance to your life.

You've been working so hard in the last year that you've managed to turn your career into a priority, leaving your home behind. In 2023, you'll find yourself needing more from your personal life and a bit less from your professional career, and you'll fully embrace this need. 

This doesn't mean you should bite off more than you can chew. Just be mindful of your time and the way you're spending it. Don't neglect your home and start swapping the late-night working hours with late-night decorating fun. Upcycle that old sideboard. Paint those skirting boards the same colour as the wall. Have a full kitchen revamp.

The world is your oyster. It's time to enjoy it. Bon Appétit.




Leo star sign graphic design on Fresh Lilac background


Dear Leo, it's time to get out of your comfort zone... don't you think?

You might not have a huge budget for a big renovation, but, once you put your mind on a DIY project you'd REALLY love to get involved in, then nothing will be able to stop you.

Spring and summer will bring a brand new look both to the nature outside and to your home too. You'll find yourself desperately needing a fresh start, and you'll make sure you work hard to get it. Ban the boring beige and embrace all the bright colours this world has to offer. Experiment, make mistakes and learn from them. Just make sure to always have fun along the way.




Virgo star sign graphic design on a Fresh Lilac background


Dear Virgo, in 2023 you'll finally find the time and opportunity to... yes, relax.

Even though you're popular with your can-do attitude and having the need to always keep yourself occupied, this year will bring harmony to your life and will allow you to look back and give yourself a much-needed credit for all the hard work and all the little (and big!) things you've achieved last year.

This year, you'll be happily enjoying the fruits of your labor, but, knowing you, you'll also feel the need to do more, make more and... be more. Embrace these desires and get your hands dirty if you need to. Use the knowledge you've gained and put it into action with small makeover projects, upcycling, little crafts here and there and lots and lots of art.

Just make sure you allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them, instead of striving to achieve absolute perfection every time.




Libra star sign graphic design on Fresh Lilac background


Dear Libra, 2023 will bring a much-needed sense of awakening for you, and you're going to fully embrace it.

In the past year, you've had your ups and downs, and the low moments you've experienced have lead to an internalised fear of trying new things and exploring your interests and hobbies to the fullest. This is about to change this year.

You like your freedom and living a life in a cage is not for you. The fresh awakening that's waiting for you will last all year long, and will give you a sudden energy boost and thirst for new experiences, new projects and new hobbies you've been wanting to try for a very long time.

2023 is all about you. Get creative, get crafty, explore, learn and enjoy all the new opportunities that life will handle you. 




Scorpio star sign graphic design on a Fresh Lilac background


Dear Scorpio, in 2023 you're going to put the 'Work smarter, not harder' motto into action.

Your good nature often results in you carrying the burden of people-pleasing, taking on too many tasks and projects at once, and never asking others for help. Well, it's time to change that.

In spring you'll find yourself doing a deep spring cleaning - not only in your home, but with your old habits too. You'll finally come to realise that delegating tasks and asking others for help with work and small DIY projects is not only completely normal, but will also benefit your body and mental health in the long term too. 

If a DIY project at home can wait - let it wait. If its urgency is affecting your overall wellbeing, and you don't have enough physical resources to finish it, then ask a professional or a friend. We're sure they'd love to take it off your hands.

Here's to more self-care in 2023.




Sagittarius star sign graphic design on Fresh Lilac background


Dear Sagittarius, this year you're on a mission to find 'the one'.

Whether that means a romantic relationship, the house of your dreams, or simply the muted pink paint colour that you've been looking for for ages, nothing will stop you until you get there.

It's no secret that planning and organising are not your biggest strengths, but 2023 will bring a strong sense of self-awareness into your life, and you'll find yourself more motivated to get things done and be better. 




Capricorn star sign graphic design on a Fresh Lilac background


Dear Capricorn, you've started the year with a good mood and good vibes around you, and, with a little bit of help, you'll finish it like this too.

You know you've got what it takes to find your dream style and start putting those Pinterest mood boards into action. The only thing you're missing is some confidence and someone to encourage you to follow your dreams, whether that means repainting the bedroom or doing a complete home makeover. 

Don't shy away from socialising and getting more involved in the home decor community. The sense of togetherness and the realisation that we're all going through the same things and we all have our doubts, fears and insecurities, will help you overcome your inner saboteur and give you the push you need to bloom.




Aquarius star sign graphic design on Fresh Lilac background


Dear Aquarius, the past two years have been especially hard on you... but that's about to change.

You've had your fair share of low moments and you're now in desperate need to experience positive emotions and have some fun. Luckily, 2023 will bring exactly that.

It's time to stand up for yourself and your needs, express your concerns as well as your desires, and stop letting people control you and tell you what you should or shouldn't do. Leave the shy, uncertain caterpillar in 2022 and become the confident, colourful butterfly that's been hiding deep inside you for too long.

And, of course, let your home decor tell that story too. The 'New year, new me' motto will work for you at full speed in 2023, and we can't wait to see you bloom.




Pisces star sign graphic design on Fresh Lilac background


Dear Pisces decorator, 2023 has big plans in store for you.

Something big is coming to your life; an offer you won't be able to refuse. Whether that's a new property deal, the chance to transform your space and turn it into the home of your dreams, or simply the freedom of doing whatever you want with your home decor (and beyond!), this will play a pivotal role in your day to day life, and will make you look at things from a completely different perspective.

Be careful though - with great freedom comes great responsibility. Try to not get carried away too much as you might end up living in a hot pink house with contrasting floral wallpapers, a mint green kitchen, an Electric Blue living room... wait, that doesn't sound too bad actually, does it? You do you.




Whatever this year brings for you, just remember that no one else but you has the power to change your mind, style or home decor (unless you let them). Keep being yourself and keep working hard towards your goals and dreams - with a little bit of faith and a lot of courage you could achieve anything.

Here's to all the good things in 2023.