How to use the YesColours Graceful Collection in your home

How to use the YesColours Graceful Collection in your home

By Emily Harnasz on

Graceful by name, graceful by nature. Our brand new paint colour collection brings four blissfully soothing, muted shades into the YesColours mix that will be sure to become your new best friend. Not only are they incredible stand-alone statements in their own right, they bridge the gap perfectly when using a mixture of bolder colours and textures too.

So let us show you how to get the most out of our versatile new colour buddies.


A selection of paint and DIY accessories, such as small paint roller, pulp packaging, wooden coving samples and paint brush photographed on a light green background]

Say hello to our brand new paint colour collection - the YesColours Graceful Collection. Introducing our Graceful Green, Graceful Aqua, Graceful Neutral and Graceful Lilac paint colours. Photography: Veega Studio.


Graceful Green.

Our Graceful Green paint colour is a soft sage green shade - the essence of tranquillity, providing a renewed focus on wellness which brings harmony and balance to just about any space. No joke, this green is truly versatile. 

But for those here for the inspiration, Graceful Green pairs effortlessly with its green paint pals Loving Green and Calming Green and would look like the epitome of class and elegance put together with our Serene Peach paint colour in hallways, bedrooms and living rooms alike.


photo of a spacious living room with light green painted main wall, surrounded by a neutral-coloured sofa, a wooden table, rustic orange ottoman and rattan accessories, all placed on a vintage orange rug

A light, airy, sage green paint colour that's so gentle it's graceful. Yep, that's our Graceful Green paint shade.


Graceful Aqua.

Our Graceful Aqua paint colour is the people pleasing, multitasking, effortlessly cool colour that probably won ‘Most Popular’ back in high school. A shade to soften a room beautifully and encourage anyone to wind down and relax next to it. 

BUT, don’t be fooled by her chilled out demeanour. Graceful Aqua has an uncanny knack of making others look good too. Take our utterly beautiful, best selling Marrakech-inspired Electric Blue paint colour for example. Yes, it's magical all on its own but it can be rather tricky to make work within a full scheme if not paired with the right colours or in the right proportion. Enter Graceful Aqua.

This soft paint colour is fresh but has muted blue undertones to help provide a more gradual transition from using Electric Blue on other surfaces. It also provides a feeling of cohesion and harmony, even when paired with possibly the most vibrant colour on the block. 


Photo of a light mint green wall with a tall palm-like plant on the right side and a wooden lounge chair with white leather seating on the late side, placed on a dark mahogany wood carpet

Effortlessly cool in a graceful way. Meet our gentle, soothing, Graceful Aqua paint colour.

Graceful Neutral.

With a very pale pinky brown tone, our Graceful Neutral paint colour is one of the most versatile warm neutrals you will find in our palette. It's soft and amenable for all room types offering a sanctuary of gentle warmth in more shaded rooms, whether that's a living room, bedroom, nurseries or hallway spaces. Drench this on all surfaces including walls, ceiling and woodwork for a truly zen and all encompassing experience. 

Build on this tranquil space with light-coloured accessories to maintain the serene atmosphere. Incorporate natural elements like bamboo accents or potted plants to evoke a peaceful oasis. OR, if you need more colour in your life, use Graceful Neutral as your backdrop to add in more bold colours such as mustards, pinks and lilacs for a fun and bold twist.


Photo of a warm neutral gallery wall with various photos attached on it, neutral sideboard and a big fluffy white rug placed on a light warm-coloured wooden floor

Our Graceful Neutral paint colour is truly versatile and can adapt to any interior colour scheme. Just try it in your home. You won't regret it, promise.


Graceful Lilac.

Speaking of lilac, it's time to introduce you to our Graceful Lilac paint - the palest lilac in the YesColours purple paint colour palette. This gentle lilac paint is muted in tone but still delicate and beneficial to so many areas in the home, especially with its slightly cooler tones, great for sunnier spots in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen and hallways. 

One combination we are just loving right now is our Graceful Lilac paint on the walls with our Passionate Lilac paint on woodwork to ground the scheme. Add in a pop of our Fresh Peach colour in accent areas like furniture, or window recess and you'll get to enjoy a fabulous added drama like no other. Divine!

Vintage books stacked on top of each other in three columns, photographed in front of a light lilac wall

The brand new addition to the YesColours lilac colour palette - Graceful Lilac, is a pale lilac paint that pairs incredibly well with greens, peaches and darker paint colours to balance their energy and make your space truly zen.


We hope we've helped you feel inspired to infuse your home with our subtle and considered new paint collection. By utilising the gentle hues of our Graceful Collection, you’ll create an atmosphere of tranquillity and serenity in any room, or you can use them to help bold statement colours do the talking.

There really is a graceful tone for everyone, and if you need some help with finding the one for you, feel free to book a colour consultation with us and we’ll solve your colour puzzle in no time. Free option is available too!

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