How to use our Passionate Yellow paint colour in your home

How to use our Passionate Yellow paint colour in your home

By Elena Koycheva on

Hello, sunshine! We've got news for you - you've got a pretty strong competition that has the same glow, vibrancy, energy levers and gorgeous yellow pigments... and that is our Passionate Yellow paint colour. The brightest sun in our colour palette.

Our Passionate Yellow paint colour is one of the boldest and brightest yellow colours in the YesColours family. It surely is the best colour for the sunny summer days when we're filled with energy and positive vibes... but it could also bring the sun into your home 24/7, all year long. No matter the season - this is a colour that will always be there to uplift you and fix your mood with just one glance.

If you're loving this yellow colour but are not sure how to style it in your home, we're here to change that for you. Here are five ways that you can use our Passionate Yellow; five colour combos that would inspire you and make your decoration process as easy as fun as possible... after all, that's why we're here, right? Okay, let's start.


Passionate Yellow and Joyful Lilac.


Colour combo of bright yellow and pastel lilac paint colours

May we present to you our ultimate favourite - the Passionate Yellow and Joyful Lilac paint colour combo. A pairing you simply cannot resist.


Generally speaking, our Passionate Yellow paint colour goes incredibly well with our entire Joyful Collection. However, there's something about this particular colour combination that fills us with joy, inspiration and good vibes. And, naturally, we couldn't resist but share these two together with you.

Feel free to steal them and implement them in your own home colour palette, especially if you want to add a touch of positive energy into your home office, bedroom or nursery.


Passionate Yellow and Joyful Pink.


colour combination of bright yellow and pastel bubblegum pink paint colours

Fancy an ice cream? How about an ice cream in the form of a paint colour palette? Here you go - the mighty delicious colour combination of our Passionate Yellow and Joyful Pink paint colours.


Yellow and pink go hand in hand incredibly well but our Passionate Yellow and Joyful Pink paint colours take this powerful pair to the next level. 

This is the ultimate ice cream / Miami / Barbie house paint colour combination and we strongly encourage you to give it a go... especially if bright and bold pastel shades are in your blood. Use this yellow and pink pairing in your living room for a joyful 'time to have fun' vibe, or combine both paint colours in a split colour wall design all around your hallway for a welcoming and energising touch even after a hard day at work. Yum!


Passionate Yellow and Joyful Aqua.


colour combination of bright yellow and saturated aqua paint colours

When passion and joy embrace... The colour combination of our Passionate Yellow and Joyful Aqua paint colours is the essence of summer.


You might already know this, but our paint colours are paired together not just in colour groups but in groups that evoke the same emotion too. Just one look at our paint collections, such as our Fresh Collection and Mellow Collection, is enough to get a great understanding of the brilliant mind that is our Co-Founder and Creative Director - Em Bestley (the Grapheme-colour synesthesia goddess behind our entire paint colour palette). 

Even though Passionate Yellow and Joyful Aqua are from different colour collections, they both evoke a feeling of warmth, strength, energy and content. Use them in your bathroom for a never-ending summer feeling, or simply add them to the children's room colour palette. We guarantee this colour combo wouldn't go unnoticed.


Passionate Yellow and Electric Mint Green.


colour combination of bright and bold yellow and saturated mint green paint colours

Indulgently warm and refreshingly cool... no, this is not a Katy Perry song. It's simply the incredible complementary colour combo of our Passionate Yellow and Electric Mint Green paint colours.


Yellow and green should always be seen. Especially if they pair so beautifully together. 

Our Passionate Yellow and Electric Mint Green paint colours create a vibrant, zingy colour combo that's energising, summer-y, warm and cool at the same time. Think of the warm sunshine gracing your skin on a late July afternoon... right before you take a swim in a refreshing, mint green pool. Bliss.


Passionate Yellow and Fresh Yellow.


colour combination of bright and bold yellow and a fresh light pastel yellow paint colours

Our Passionate Yellow and Fresh Yellow paint colours make quite the colour combo, don't they? Full yellow mode? Yes please.


When in doubt - go monochrome. Pair our Passionate Yellow paint colour with its Fresh counterpart for a cohesive colour scheme that will bring the sunshine into your home with just a lick of paint. 

This combo is the ultimate nursery room colour dream as yellow is notoriously known for its positive, mood-boosting and energising qualities... And in this case, double the yellow - double the fun! Would you go all in with this shade?


If you’re looking for a little help with our Passionate Yellow paint colour (or any other colour from the YesColours palette), book a colour consultation with us. It's easy, it's fun... and there's a free option available too.

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