INTERVIEW: Sally Tonkin / @GreenandMustard.

INTERVIEW: Sally Tonkin / @GreenandMustard.

By Emma Bestley on

Sally Tonkin has been running her @GreenandMustard Instagram and has grown her daily interiors inspiration account following to over 136,000 followers.  Quite the achievement when she is also a budding DIYer herself, who is currently mid-way through a renovation project on her home.

Sally has been a supporter of YesColours almost before we'd finished creating our first batch of colours back in 2020 - such is her enthusiasm for colour and her passion for the environment.

YC: Describe your colour style in your home
ST: I would say, light bright and airy with pops of colour that fill your senses with happiness.

YC: What colour or colour scheme brings you the most happiness? 
ST: I've always been a colour fan and that reflects in my wardrobe as well, black only comes in as an accent or to highlight the colour. Yellow in particular makes me feel at my best, my soul seems to drink in the colour and fills me with creativity. I only use this colour as an accent otherwise it wouldn’t have that effect.  Blues are my calming colour and take my imagination to the sea and sky.  Pink is my neutral that creates that looking through rose glasses feel.  

YC: What's your favourite YesColours Edit?
ST: I don’t think I could pick just one as they are all so good.  It's got to be Passionate and Calming. And then Marrakech and Art Nouveau. 

YC: How important is sustainability to you when redecorating?
ST: Really important. I like paint that offers the lowest VOC’s natural formulas, recyclable packaging and carbon offsetting. I feel that what you put into your home reflects on who you are.  if your conscious of the planet and what we are doing to it then its super important to bring those values into your home to breath easy.

YC: One for us. What do you think of YesColours paint now you've got the chance to try it?
ST: The concentration of colour and application is incredible.  I wanted to test the splatter effect so decided that the best way to try this would be to paint a ceiling without dust sheets, and I was super impressed no mess whatsoever apart from what I dropped on the floor.  Application went on a dream nice and smooth and no pulling.


Sally can be found @greenandmustard  

The colours featured are: 
Calming Green
Passionate Yellow
Electric Hot White