5 Living room colour schemes

5 Living room colour schemes

By Emma Bestley on

The living room is essentially the social hub; the place to connect with family, the room to relax and unwind. It's safe to say that with these things in mind, the living room is possibly the most important room of the house. So whether you love bold colours, a pared back vibe or just need a little home decor inspiration, we've got five timeless paint colour schemes that will transform your living room into the magical heart of the home it deserves to be.


The cosy one.

Blue, the colour of calm, rest and serenity, the perfect colour to surround yourself with as you put your feet up after a long hard day. Make it a dark, rich blue and you’re benefiting from its embracing and compassionate touch, that’s why we love the idea of Passionate Blue for the perfect cosy Living Room. If you have period features in your property this will look epic up to a picture rail or even as a complete colour drench in more modern spaces (this is essentially putting the colour everywhere!). Either way, a classic blue will never go out of style. 


A living room wall painted in dark blue colour and white colour, with a cabinet placed in front of it

The 'Art Of Display' theme that we've created together with Habitat and featuring our Passionate Blue and Electric Blue paint colours is an indulging blue utopia and the perfect example of... the perfect living room space. 


The neutral one.

Prefer the crisp and rejuvenating feel of a soft neutral? Well we love a beautifully curated neutral scheme too, don’t you know! We recommend Loving Neutral for a calming and soothing feel, its sandy grey undertone creates a gentle and complimentary backdrop to any neutral schemes and allows for other elements within the space to do the talking. Layer those neutrals for added texture by adding Friendly Neutral to woodwork and trims.


Potted plant in a jute pot photographed in front of a neutral paint background

Our Loving Neutral paint is a sandy colour with grey undertones, ready to grace your home as a stand alone shade or simply to complement darker heritage tones.


The playful one.

Not everyone wants to feel relaxed and zen in their living room, for some it's more a place of fun, socialising and extravagance, so why not embrace the bold and use Joyful Pink and Joyful Green as perfectly demonstrated by Heather from @heatherscolourfulhome.

These do exactly what they say on our… recyclable & flexible packaging, add joy and happiness to any living space and are as unique as you are.


living room painted in bright pink colour with green shelves and yellow fireplace, decorated with brass stars on the wall

Heather from @heatherscolourfulhome surely loves playing with colours, and her living room is a perfect example of that. Check out our Joyful Pink paint colour on her walls and our Joyful Green paint on the shelves.

The dynamic one.

Commonly known as "New Style" in the UK, Art Nouveau was originally inspired by natural forms, plants and flowers. It celebrates the pastel elements of nature along with contrasting rich and vintage textures to create something uncompromising and effortlessly cool. Pull this off by using a mix of Passionate Olive Green, Calming Yellow, Passionate Warm White, Fresh Lilac, Joyful Pink in both paint and accessories for a strong and quirky scheme. It really is a more is more attitude this one! For more inspiration, check out our Art Nouveau edit.


YesColours paint pouch placed on a ladder photographed in front of an olive green painted wall

Fervent and zealous beyond compare, the YesColours Passionate Olive Green paint colour is a glorious harmony of yellow and green, combined with the warmth of some red, in order to give it that wonderful vintage feel.


'Not everyone wants to feel relaxed and zen in their living room, for some it's more a place of fun, socialising and extravagance, so why not embrace the bold...'


The iconic one.

We just had to throw our best selling Electric Blue into a scheme to prove just how versatile it can be. Pair with Fresh Peach and Electric Mint Green for the most punchy, feel good combo around. A scheme designed by the founder herself, Em Bestley, this combo is perfect for those of you who want to break the rules, go against the grain and stand out from the crowd. Different truly does feel good.


Walls painted in electric blue paint colour and peachy pink paint colour, with a window next to them, window frame painted in mint green colour

Our decorating community's most favourite YesColours paint colour combo - Electric Blue, Fresh Peach and Electric Mint Green, shining gloriously in Emma @moveovermagnolia's sister's Marrakech-inspired office space.


Need more help choosing the right colours for your living room (or indeed any other room)? Why not book in for a consultation with one of our dedicated Colour Consultants? We offer a free 10-minute chat as well as a full consultation, so check out our website to find out more.