10 tips for decorating your home on a tight budget

10 tips for decorating your home on a tight budget

By Emily Harnasz on

Times are tough right now, there’s no doubt about it. We're all trying to find ways to create the homes we love for less. Well, don’t worry: we’ve got 10 tips to help you with your budget-friendly renovation and ease the stress on those tightened purse strings.

1. Stay clear of the trends.

Now, if you find an interior trend that truly makes your heart sing, then absolutely go for it, but don’t just follow them because you think you have to. Save your money for creating an interior that is timeless and personal to you, then you’ll not be inclined to redecorate as trends change. Take the time to explore your own taste by looking through social media, home decor magazines, Pinterest etc. and notice what you’re drawn to. That way you’ll have a clear understanding of your own style and only purchase things you truly love.


Wallpaper and paint samples, paint brush and door handles placed flat on a white background

Photo by @carolinesouth_home 
Steal the look with our Fresh Lilac and Fresh Peach paint colours.

2. Prioritise your walls.

We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase “buy cheap, buy twice”, and this is never truer than when it comes to renovating your home. The largest element to consider when budgeting a home makeover are the walls and ceiling - after all they literally are the space! Therefore, investing in better quality paint that will look incredible, not fade over time and apply on all surfaces like a dream seems the obvious choice to prioritise. This is one of our proudest achievements here at YesColours: our paint is vegan and cruelty free, has 0% added VOCs and is completely child- and pet-safe. Our high pigment paint and its rich, vibrant colours also come in pouches which are 100% recyclable. If there is such a thing as ‘guilt-free home decor’, then this is it. 

Bonus advice for a budget-friendly renovation: accessories can be upcycled, bought cheaply and even handmade, but your walls literally make the biggest statement and should therefore be treated like the superstars they are.


Photo of sunlight bouncing on a wall painted in YesColours Electric Mint Green paint
YesColours Electric Mint Green is one of our bestselling paint colours and the perfect choice for a fresh home decor that lasts all year long.

3. Invest in good quality tools.

This budget-friendly home decor tip is the same as buying good quality paint. Good quality tools will last you much longer and make the job a darn sight easier too. Not only that, quality paint brushes, rollers and paint trays will save you those precious pennies as you won’t need to buy new ones every single time you’re renovating your home, which is much better for the planet too. Win-win.

Photo of paint tray filled with YesColours Electric Blue paint and a paint brush dipped in blue paint

The ultimate YesColours superstar - our Electric Blue paint colour. Now available for interiors AND exteriors too. 

4. Try paint samples to test the paint colour before you commit to it.

We know it can seem like a faff but honestly, buying a few small sample pots could save you in the long run. Testing colours in situ will ensure no costly mistakes are made when you suddenly realise the colour you thought you loved on the website just doesn’t work in your space and now you have to spend more time, energy and money covering it up…

Hey, no judgement - we’ve all been there.

Flat lay photo of YesColours green paint samples next to fabric and wallpaper samples, paint brushes and a green tree branch

Green is known as the most timeless colour. Bring biophilia closer to you through our green-enriched Leafy paint sample edit.


5. Got your sample pots? Good. Now, time to get creative with them.

Rather than letting those little pots of joy go to waste, why not use them to make your own artwork? Or perhaps upcycle that old chest of drawers that’s been hidden in your storage room for ages? That way you're creating something truly bespoke and unique to your chosen colour palette, and, guess what - it doesn't cost you anything extra.

Illustration of a woman's face and chest created on a surface painted with YesColours Electric Blue colour

Photo and artwork by @katharina_tanina.
Test your own creativity with our Electric Blue paint colour.

6. Get help.

Sometimes all it takes is a chat through your ideas with someone to hone in on exactly what it is you're wanting to achieve for your renovation project. That's why we offer both a free 10-minute colour chat or if you need more a colour consultation where our dedicated Colour Consultants will give you professional advice and the confidence to crack on with that project right away without costly errors.


Portrait photo of two women with mid-length hair, dressed in turquoise and blue shirt and pink and orange dress.

Need help with choosing a paint colour for your space, or simply a confidence boost to get cracking with your renovation? Book a colour consultation with our experts Emma and Emily.


7. Only buy what you need.

A truly helpful paint brand will offer the ability to calculate exactly how much paint you’ll need for the job. This will save you many sleepless nights wondering how many litres you should buy for your DIY home renovation. Here at YesColours, we have our own Paint Calculator tool, but we’ve also gone one step further by offering our paint in 1 litre pouches. This not only saves on waste paint but also helps the environment. No more buying 2.5 litre paint tins just because that’s all you can order (even though you know you only need 1 litre and the rest will end up in landfill). Just saying.

Photo of YesColours Friendly Peach paint pouch placed in front of a peach background
Our comforting Friendly Peach paint colour will not only glow in every space, but it

8. Learn how to 'cut in'.

If you’ve decorated your home before, you’ll know how painstaking it can be applying and removing masking tape from walls and skirting. Now, imagine if you could save time and money by skipping this step altogether? We’ll be honest: this is one for those steady handed amongst you but if you master it, you can avoid that dreaded DIY task for good (unless you're a big colour block lover, but that’s a story for another day!). The trick is to use a tapered paintbrush and a fair amount of paint and slowly drag the paint across. Simple… right?


Photo of paint brush painting a flat surface in YesColours Passionate Pink and Electric Blue paint

Brilliant paint brush action by the talented Nem @vadgebadges.
Steal the look with our Passionate Pink and Electric Blue paint colours.

9. Upcycle your existing furniture.

There’s nothing more exhilarating than breathing new life into items that have been forgotten or unloved. Time to grab your paints, tools and creativity and get painting.

Photo of upcycled mid-century bureau painted in YesColours Joyful Aqua and Joyful Neutral colours

Photo and upcycling by @_freshly_painted.
Steal the look with a sample pot of our Joyful Aqua and Joyful Neutral paint colours.

10. Shop your stash.

Take a look at other rooms in your house and see if you can add those finishing touches with unloved plants, photo frames, books, vases and anything else you could find. You'll be surprised how simply moving a few things around can make a space feel revitalised.

Photo of YesColours paint pouches placed on a white chest of drawers in front of an olive green wall with a mirror on it

Beautiful pastel bubblegum pink home decor accessories, accompanied by our Electric Mint Green paint pouches. Photo by @fantasyhomewares.


We hope that these 10 tips have helped you plan out your next low-budget DIY renovation project and you're now inspired to get decorating for less. Share your YesColours home transformation by tagging us on Instagram.

We can’t wait to see it!