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YesColours Passionate Lilac 60ml Sample Paint

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Passionate Lilac Paint Sample (60ml)

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Our Passionate Lilac paint colour has the energy of red but cooled down by a lovely copious amounts of blue. Perfectly poised and balanced. Passionate Lilac is full of self awareness, and self confidence. A deep intuitive beauty.

In Buddhism, this colour represents self awakening associated with the purple lotus flower. This saturated lilac reminds us of cornflowers and delphiniums in the summer and ultimately, even if he might call us out for lilac not being 'purple' - it’s the perfect hue of the motorbike on Prince and The Revolution's Purple Rain album cover.

Use our Passionate Lilac paint on woodwork, on the ceiling (yes, you've read that right!), in split wall designs or in murals, feature walls or wall panelling. It has the right personality to transform all those spaces and be your home's next superstar.


Free delivery on 2-4 samples.