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Leafy Paint sample set

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Our inspirational Leafy paint edit is all about natural tones and hues within the green family, bringing biophilia closer to you through colour.

Introducing our Passionate Olive Green, mixed in with a couple of our more subtle green tones or a natural Passionate Warm White will definitely create a perfect inside-out leafy, garden vibe - perfectly peaceful but with some personality and mother nature-like energy mixed right in.

Houseplants will look right at home parked up and leaning up against all of the paint colours in this beautiful set. It's a favourite of ours as you can immediately feel that little bit closer to nature.

Greens are such a universal paint colour option for the home. Pink the new neutral? We think greens do the job incredibly well too. Perfect for hallways, kitchens and living rooms.

This set contains 6 x 60ml paint samples:

Loving Green
Passionate Olive Green
Serene Green
Calming Green
Fresh Cool White
Passionate Warm White

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