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YesColours Electric Orange 60ml Sample Paint YesColours Electric Orange 60ml Sample Paint

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Electric Orange paint sample (60ml)

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Our Electric Orange paint colour is truly a tangerine dream and the most vibrant shade of orange we have in the YesColours palette. It's the most sociable, enthusiastic colour and it doesn't disappoint. This feelgood shade boosts energy as well as encouraging feelings of positivity and fun.

Electric Orange is an incredible accent colour and it is more versatile than you think, working with dark blues, warm whites but can also be best pals with burgundy and pink shades.

This paint colour is instantly reminding us of the iconic marigold, known in Mexico as Cempaxochitl, an important symbol encircling Day of the Dead every November. In India, Marigolds represent the sun, often used in Hindu wedding celebrations, seen as garlands in Buddhist temples and this vibrant orange will often be seen on a beautiful Yoruba bride in Aso Oke attire in Nigeria.

Use our Electric Orange paint to add a bit of joy and playfulness to your bathroom, dining room, or to create a creativity-boosting space in children's rooms and nurseries.

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