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Egypt Paint Sample Set

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Our Egypt paint edit brings together the natural tones of Passionate Warm White and Calming Green, a popular paint colour in Egyptian pharaonic art, with Passionate Blue and Calming Blue - which is close to the traditional Egyptian Blue. Originally established in Alexandria as the first ever synthetic pigment, this blue was used to signify the Nile, creation and the universe. The original pigments were made from Lapis Lazuli.

The heat of the Arabian desert and love for gold is represented here with Passionate Yellow and Calming Yellow. Our Loving Pink brings a regal tone that was popular as a partnering colour to pinks, teal, gold and silver popular throughout Egyptian art.

Use the darker, more saturated paint shades for a cosy area pf the house and the warmer vibrant colours for hallways, bedrooms and dining areas.

This set contains 8 x 60ml samples:

Loving Pink
Joyful Orange
Passionate Yellow
Calming Peach
Passionate Blue
Calming Green
Calming Blue
Calming Yellow
Passionate Warm White