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YesColours Calming Grey 60ml Sample Paint

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Calming Grey Paint Sample (60ml)

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Our Calming Grey paint colour is a reliable neutral, a wonderful backdrop. This lighter mineral grey shade is so versatile and has an undertone of blue which makes it a composed character. It doesn't have to be centre of attention. Fuss free, it can handle itself.

This YesColours paint colour is similar to the African Grey parrot, the most intelligent of their species. It's the ultimate shade for the wise, the artful and the slick. We can't help but love people who embrace going grey younger as they've realised that grey can really work on anyone, at any time. The same goes for your home with this little silver foxy number.

Calming Grey is a subtle and non-pretentious paint colour, so feel free to use it as you please within your interior scheme. We recommend adding it to neutral home palettes to balance the white shades and add a bit of personality to your space. Consider it your best friend if you're a Scandinavian design fan too - it won't disappoint.

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