Let’s change your world. 

An interior design studio where #differentfeelsgood. 

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Creative wellbeing.

We believe in the power of interior design to create astonishing spaces where you can feel inspired, connect and improve your wellbeing. 

Consciously created. 

A balance of the scientific and creative, our approach applies the latest in colour theory and interior design, using sustainable materials to leave spaces transformed.



Enhancing your working experience and productivity with multi-functional design bespoke for brands, teams and services.


Hotels to restaurants, creating environments that welcome and uplift guest experiences. 


Bringing a vision to life through a personal design approach, tailored for clients needs and tastes. 

Retail & Events

Creating unique installations that inspire, connect and engage your audiences. 


Supporting inspirational regeneration projects, placemaking and community spaces that improve urban vitality and wellbeing.


Our belief is that small everyday actions by individuals can drive big, purposeful change — and we can achieve this through design, the impact of colour, and collaboration. 

A green thread.

Our objective is to produce interiors that embody an authentically sustainable and regenerative approach. Using healthier materials and promoting sustainable design practices, we strive to make a positive impact on the environment where we give back more to the planet than we take away. 


We’re excited to introduce you to a multidisciplinary design team with over 95 years worth of experience in creative services for a wide range of projects.

Jim Butterell

Interior Designer
Retail & Commercial

Alex Pepes

Interior Designer
Residential & Workspaces 

Naomi Isted

Head of Interiors for Global Assets
Residential & Commercial

John Stubbs

CEO & Founder

Emma Bestley

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Phill Welch

Design Director
Retail & Events

Emily Harnasz

Senior Colour Consultant

Ry Elliott

Interior Designer


Julio Calanche

Client Partner

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