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For those who haven't been, and for those who have, Ocean Drive on South Beach, Miami might just be the destination that has it all: sun, sea, architecture, people and most of all, bucket loads of colour. Fresh pastels and Friendly colours galore.

From the Art Deco origins there are so many vibrant hues and tones to be found amongst Miami's hotels in this area, from the Marlin to the Washington Park Hotel to the vintage boutique of The Shepley or the sweeping ocean views from the rooftop of the Hotel of South Beach there are so many vivid colours to stimulate the senses that we simply could not ignore creating a palette for Miami out of sheer love for the place.

When it comes to getting these kind of vibes in your home a few leafy palms will never do any harm, whether you are juxtaposing pinks and aquas, or yellows and lilacs - there is so much fun to be had here experimenting and finding the right combo for your space.

It simply couldn't be easier, and couldn't be more colourful. See you on the beach.

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