Our Paint Collections

Colour is more than just pigment.

Like scent and sound, colour connects with us emotionally. So we have mindfully curated our palette and simply named our groups and colours based on the feelings they evoke.

For example our Fresh Collection is full of cool tones of pastel, or our Electric Collection is vibrantly and boldly energetic, or our Loving Collection with its cocooning deep saturated hues. There are so many moods to choose from.

It's a totally new way of approaching paint colours that we hope will help you make the right choices for the way your space is going to be used - whether it's a place for comfort, energy, for productivity or nurture. In the end we all see colour differently, but dive in and explore and you might just find the right collection for you.

We want to guide you through the psychology of colour without intimidation.

Emma Bestley

Creative Partner and Colourist, YesColours