INTERVIEW: Jay Jennings of PaintTheTownPastel.

INTERVIEW: Jay Jennings of PaintTheTownPastel.

By Emma Bestley on

Jay Jennings has been causing us to stir on Instagram for quite some time now.  A designer and architect by day, a colour and DIY enthusiast by night - Jay's creativity when it comes to using fresh pastel shades in bold and inventive ways is simply breathtaking.

Jay lives in Orkney, an area in the Scilly Isles in the north of the UK that gets very little in terms of bright sunlight, even at midday.  So, when Jay upped sticks from London (?) and moved there with the intention of getting way from it all - it was fundamental to her creating a home environment that was not only bright and colourful, but also resonated with her in terms of how she wanted to feel in her home: comfortable, uplifting and positive. 

We chatted to Jay in 2020 about her use of colour, her thoughts on YesColours and how important it is to consider the right colours for you in your home. 


YC: How would you describe your colour style in your home?
JJ: Pastels with a pop! My colour style is bold and big... I really enjoy being in fully immersive colour environments (no accent walls here!). I use a fairly limited palette (pink, mint, aqua, peach and lilac) with pops of yellow as an accent. This creates a cohesive feel around the home but also gives each room its own character which is important to me. Rob and I both work from home so we spend a LOT of time here... It's nice to have a change of scene!
YC: What colour or colour scheme brings you the most happiness? 
JJ: Pastels, obviously :) But bright pastels, if there is such a thing! I love the colours of Miami, Wes Anderson films and ice cream parlours.
YC: What's your favourite YesColours Edit?
JJ: Well, given my obsession with #icecreaminteriors it has to be the Ice Cream edit! I'm hooked on Fresh Peach since using it in my office and can't wait to try the other colours.
YC: How important is sustainability to you when redecorating? 
JJ: Increasingly so. It's not something I gave much thought to until quite recently and I think it's fantastic that YesColours is really championing this and bringing it to people's attention. Not just paying lip service to sustainability but really seeing the principles through across the whole paint lifecycle. It's inspiring and totally unique.
YC: A final plug. How do you feel about YesColours? 
JJ: The fact that it's such high quality AND available in an incredible palette of colours. I think this is an actual first in the industry and makes me very, very happy.
You can find Jay at @paintthetownpastel on Instagram. 
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