Ceilings: How to use the 5th wall.

Ceilings: How to use the 5th wall.

By Emma Bestley on

It could be used as a trick question: How many walls in a room? The average but wrong answer will most likely be 4, but in reality there are 5 walls in any room. Count the ceiling! It’s a wall and it can absolutely ‘make’ the room.

Whether it be a colour clash or a burst of fun, ceilings are not at eye level so they can be used to add some cheekiness, elegance or even as a light enhancer or compressor. The can create depth and will certainly add interest.

Any of our colours can look great but try these, on white walled rooms, to really make an impact:

Electric Yellow
Electric Blue
Loving Teal
Joyful Orange

If your walls are already colourful then these neutrals will look stunning:

Electric Hot White
Calming Neutral
Joyful Neutral
Passionate Warm White

It’s up to you whether you paint the cornice in the same colour as the ceiling but if you do, the room will appear bigger. If you prefer a cosier, more intricate look, then keep the cornice white.

If you’re really going for it, then paint the ceiling the same colour as the one coloured wall. Make it a continuation of the wall, creating a top and bottom feel. These colours would look great:

Passionate Pink
Loving Green
Joyful Green
Fresh Yellow