And the award for 'Best Paint Newcomer' goes to...

And the award for 'Best Paint Newcomer' goes to...

By Elena Koycheva on

Following our recent ‘Highly commended’ recognition from Marie Claire UK’s Sustainability Awards, we are truly honoured to be awarded ‘Best Paint Newcomer’ by the modern home design and style platform Livingetc. Two incredible events for us, both in the course of just one week. Not bad for a freshly-launched new brand, right?

Living Etc described us as "an industry disruptor, focusing on innovative sustainable paints" with the judges liking our "peppy palette, fun branding and the way we cleverly break down colours into the mood you want to create." 

This perfectly sums up our efforts in the last two years, and our mission since we officially launched our business - to provide colour inspiration and encourage creativity through the colours we find in the world around us, instead of following the trends.

Our 100% recyclable packaging and the fact that we’re ‘Made In Britain’ certified are just the cherry on top of our colourful sundae, and we can’t wait to reveal more and more of its flavours to our decorating community in the UK and abroad.

Portrait of Eva Sonaike sitting on a yellow pillow with blue palm tree patternEva Sonaike

A big, big ‘THANK YOU’ goes to all judges who believed in YesColours: Pip Rich, Sarah Spiteri, Pandora Sykes, Alice Temperley, Staffan Tollgard and Eva Sonaike.

To wrap up this Living Etc love letter, we’ll just leave you with what Eva Sonaike says about our paints: 

"I love its one litre pouches, which will cut down on so much waste. I think it is a real game changer in terms of packaging."

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