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YesColours Rococo Rebels Sample Set Paint
YesColours Rococo Rebels Sample Set Paint
YesColours Rococo Rebels Sample Set Paint
YesColours Rococo Rebels Sample Set Paint

Rococo Rebels paint sample set

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The YesColours Rococo Rebels paint edit was inspired by the stories of Marie Antoinette, the controversial fashion queen and Madame Pompadour, a talented creative spirit who influenced politics within Versailles.

The Rococo period was full of elaborate design, pastel colour schemes, depicting themes of love, myths, youth and playfulness. This famous ornamental style first emerged in France but the luxurious interpretations were favoured by The Prince Regent here in the UK. So the Rococo revival spread across the pond and inspired The Regency Era. Think Jane Austen, William Blake, Brighton Pavilion, Greek inspired fashions, pastel silks and lace. It's all very #bridgerton.

So we wanted to celebrate more of our neutral paints, pastels and some audacious pinky hues by showing them in a way which sparks creativity, experimentation and a little bit of cheekiness.

Have fun, be playful and as Madame Pompadour once said; "every day, I wish to make the world more beautiful than I found it".

Let's do the same with colour. Try pairings and combos on woodwork in living rooms and hallway spaces.

This set contains 10 x 60ml paint samples:

Friendly Pink
Loving Pink
Serene Green
Serene Blue
Calming Yellow
Serene Pink
Fresh Lilac
Loving Neutral
Calming Neutral
Serene Neutral

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