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YesColours Africa Sample Set Paint YesColours Africa Sample Set Paint

Africa Paint Sample Set

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From Abuja to Banjul, Accra to Nairobi; this beautiful continent is rich in history, colour and nature. There's a wealth of incredible bold and vibrant colours in art, textiles, jewellery and don't get us started on the magical sunsets.

This YesColours paint edit has inspired so many colours in our palette due to their powerful symbolic meanings across the many countries in Africa, memories of parties with dear friends wearing the most beautiful colourful patterned fabric and dreaming of once in a lifetime trips to go on safaris, to see Kilimajaro, canyons, sunsets, deltas, national parks...nature at its finest and as we all know nature inspires us constantly when it comes to colour and our homes.

These saturated, deep, luxe paint colours would work beautifully in a living area, a dining space, a cosy bedroom and a children's bedroom.

This set contains 10 x 60ml paint samples: 

Loving Pink
Passionate Pink
Electric Orange
Passionate Yellow
Joyful Green
Loving Green
Passionate Blue
Electric Blue 
Passionate Warm White
Electric Hot White