YesColours X Pea

The Perfect Bedroom Collaboration

Your bedroom hasn't looked better with beautiful YesColours paints and Pea decor. Check out how to perfectly style your kid's bedroom here.

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Check out our fantastic colour combinations below.

Sky and land

In this colour block, the serene expanse of the sky is represented by Friendly Blue and Passionate Warm White evoking a sense of tranquillity and openness. The land, depicted in Loving Green, symbolizes purity and harmony, creating a balanced and calming visual composition.



Tropicana, a vibrant and energetic theme, combines the exuberant hues of Joyful Green,  Passionate Teal, and Electric Yellow, creating a lively and invigorating atmosphere that is sure to bring joy and excitement to anyone who beholds it. These vivid and dynamic colours blend harmoniously to uplift the spirit and evoke a sense of positivity and enthusiasm.

Wild wilderness

In the wild wilderness, the tonal and immersive experience embraces you, cocooning your senses in the richness of nature's embrace. The view is a mesmerizing tapestry of Fresh Green, Mellow Green, and Loving Green hues, painting a picturesque landscape that soothes the soul.

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