YesColours Art Deco Paint Martini
YesColours Art Deco Paint Martini

Collection: Art Deco paint collection

This one is for the ruthlessly cool, sauve and sophisticated. The debonair who likes things just so. The art moderne, italianate.

Geometric forms and designs stylized in the 1920's and 1930's are still very much popular today in not only home decor, but you'll find this design approach and aesthetic everywhere from the Hoover Building or Brasserie Zedel in London, to La Coupole in Paris and beyond.

This edit comprises of some darker sophisticated hues, mixed with warmer tones and some fresh and playful aquas. You simply cannot go wrong choosing a selection of colours from this palette and not end up looking more stylish than Audrey Hepburn sipping a strong drink in a Sidecar.

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